An excursion through the snowy landscape …

In the wintertime, the Hotel Restaurant Lagrev is accessible by foot and on cross-country skis from Maloja and Sils. You might also be on your way with the snow shoes, the touring skis or the skating skis following, for instance, the tracks of the Engadin Skimarathon.

For a solid dinner and a beatiful hike in the moonlight or under starry sky, the Hotel Restaurant Lagrev is the place to go. Instead of hiking home late, you might stay overnight.

The main winter routes to the Hotel and Restaurant Lagrev are the following:

– a 25 minute walk across the frozen Lake Sils from Plaun da Lej;

– a 50 to 60 minute walk from Maloja; and

– a 45 minute walk from Sils, which takes just 35 minutes across the frozen Lake Sils.

Please use the prepared winter footpaths and respect the signals.

For overnight stays, we might be able to transport your luggage with the snowmobile.

The winter season starts around December, 20th. The season ends after Eastern or end of March depending on the condition of the frozen Lake Sils. For precise information, please contact us.