Quinoa lettuce, oysters and chateaubriand, are you finding on our menu in vain. Instead, we serve you hearty dishes, such as

– homemade chestnut cheese or gnocchi

Polenta wiht sausage bregaglia1 or deer ragout from local hunting2

salad from the garden with goat cheese from Isola3 and the valley Bregaglia and

– of course, our homemade cakes.

For the full offering, see our menu.

We serve you hot food every day from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm.

With a reservation, we serve you dinner any day of the week. Please note that we can not take reservations for single tables at noon.

On the first floor is our Swiss stone pine room, which is well suited for a small coterie.

Ausgewählte Produzenten aus der Region

1 Gian Carlo Giovanoli, Stampa, 2 Renato Chiesa, Vicosoprano, 3 Familie Cadurisch-Pedroni, Isola